Blog Post #2! Getting our feet wet

Work continues on Slime as we continue to test out new methods of level building and world design!

This week: 

Playtest Session

After some casual play testing, we discovered we are moving in the right direction with the feel of Slime. Players enjoy sliding around on the different terrains. Although, there were some questions involving some of the terrains. The material for our sticky terrain was the most confusing for players. It is hard for the player to tell what it is doing to them. A good solution for this would be some sort of particle effect or change to the terrain when they stick to it. Our bouncy terrain continues to be the fan favorite, players seem to enjoy bouncing around everywhere, keeping this in the back of our minds for later is important.


Some beginner work for our character designs and textures have started. Because we are so early in the stages of the game, the polish of the art is not our main concern; but the more art we produce, the better we can imagine world we want to create.


King Goobert, First of his name; Protagonist of Slime


Next week:

First thing Tomorrow morning we have a meeting to discuss progress and what goals we have met/need to meet. The team is excited to get our feet wet with many new environments to work with. We have most of the team thinking of level designs, we see that as one of the repeating problems with moving forward with our game. Many of the goals we have to meet have to do with figuring out how we want to lay out levels and introduce our mechanics to the player.

I hope you are enjoying Slime Interactive’s blog posts so far; and I hope you continue to follow along as the team continues to work towards making an amazing game!


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