Blog post #3: Bugs and progress

Weekly Slime Update

This week we ran into a few bugs that both hindered a play-testing session as well as gave us great ideas for how we will move forward.

What’s New?

  • 4 New levels
  • Expanding Social Media
  • New Art Assets
  • Pesky Insects

Level Design

We have been working hard to crank out multiple levels for the player to play around in as well as to test how slime interacts with each environment. For this week we focused on a single environment per level (ex: One level for the high friction environment, one level for the zero friction environment, etc..). These levels will be used in this week’s play-testing session to display how fun slime can be and give the player an idea of whats to come!

Social Media

With SlimeBoiz Interactive being a small indie game team of 5 members, we are doing our best to bring this unique idea to life and share it with the world. We want to share our development process so that others can learn from our mistakes and get excited for Slime! To do that we are expanding the mediums we can be found;

  • King Goobert now has a Twitter
  • The devblogs will also be posted on Reddit (r/devblogs)

Art & story

Our world of Slime is expanding and the art direction is becoming more that just floating concepts in our slime filled heads. Soon we should have colorful textures to show off on the blog, as well as Characters to introduce.

Bugs & known issues

Every project encounters unexpected bugs and Slime is no exception.

Physics bugs:

  • Once the player collides with the edge of a platform, the player is launched an incredible distance
  • When the player jumps the Slime trail floats in the air
  • Jumping backwards gives the player the ability to glide
  • Drive-able platforms
    • This was an interesting find and could possibly become a feature rather than a bug that needs fixing. There are a few creative levels that could be produced with this kind of platform.
  • The slime body slowing down the engine

Level design issues:

  • The player falling through the platforms, because of this play-testing was cancelled.
    • This may seem like a physics issue but it actually dealt with an older version of Unity trying to convert and be compatible with a newer version. This shows how important it is to for all the members to be working on the same version of Unity (Or whichever engine being used).

What’s Next?

  • More new levels
  • More play-testing results
  • Showing off art
  • Tweaking the player’s mechanics
  • Slime Lore
  • Slime Puns

Thank you for following our progress, please look forward to our next post!




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