Blog Post #6: Playtests, New Mechanics, Bugs, Oh My!

Welcome once again, lovelies, to the weekly Slime Dev Blog! Today there will be talks about how playtests have been going, and what we are doing to form this game into what we have in mind!


So, us Slime Boiz hold weekly playtests, in order to make sure the art, mechanics, and levels designs we are adding to the game makes sense to the players. Recently, playtests have been getting mostly positive results, but of course not all of the feedback we get is positive. Honestly if you are not getting negative feedback, you should probably either get a new group of people to playtest, or put in your resume to some big game company now! Our playtest groups are usually pretty small, ranging from 3-7~ people. We are not getting as many people as we want to at our sessions, but we have gained precious feedback like how to improve the camera and movement. If any of you out there are aspiring game devs, always remember; playtest, playtest, playtest. It has been one of the major benefits to our team, not only for feedback, but for morale!

Progress on New Mechanics

In our last blog post, we mentioned some of the experimental mechanics that  we would be implementing and iterating over the next few weeks. The slime ‘hook’ we mentioned before is going to be a big change in the way the players interact with the game, so it is important we focus on making it feel right. Currently it is a bit limiting and causes a few issues inside of the game, but with a few tweaks here and there we believe it will be a major asset in fixing the age old issue of lack of depth perception in 3D platformers!


Of course, with each new mechanic, comes new bugs! Due to the complex nature of our player character and the mission we are trying to complete, the team has gotten used to discovering bugs that we definitely were never expecting. Sometimes when you jump onto a vertically moving platform, said platform will just drain your health right out of you,  causing you to either bunny hop the whole way up, or accept your impending DOOM. Honestly whenever the team finds a bug we have a blast trying to explain it to our programmer. They are usually easy fixes, so they do not stress us out too much!


I hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of SlimeBoiz Weekly, and we are looking forward to updating this blog as we continue the uphill battle of creating this game!


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