Blog Post #8: New Members and New Levels

What Have We Been Up To

Hello and welcome to SlimeBlog! We’ve been behind with our update due to a mix of GDC and Spring Break, but fear not because we are back and ready to go! During our time away, we lost our team member, Cole Johnson, but gain to new members, Yincheng Qiu and Sam Moore from the recently discontinued game Skate Squad.

What Is To Come

We started a sprint this week with many goals in mind:

  • 20 levels focusing on 5 different boolean adjustments (esp. increased gravity, jump on ice, etc)
  • Adding 4 new mechanics:
    • Lava Platform
    • Parachute/Glide
    • Double Jumping
    • Shrinking Player Collider
  • 8 levels focusing on these 4 new mechanics
  • Creating new 2D textures
  • 3D Model for Final Metal Piece
  • Changes to Slime Bar UI

We have a lot of work ahead of us for the next week but we are looking forward to the results!

-Sam Moore


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