Blog Post #10: Switching things up

Hey everyone! Welcome to the newest blog post about the development of our game, Slime! Last week, we talked about getting ready for a demo, and what kind of work we were putting in to give a good showing! This post will be about us taking the feedback we got from the demo, and moving forward with it!

The Feedback

So, a lot of the feedback that stuck with us is that we need to make this idea more unique. We need to do more with the idea of playing as a slime, and move away from being so similar to other 3D platformers. We need to look at our core mechanics again, and decide how we want to change them to present a fresh Unique Selling Point.

The Solutions

Quickly after hearing the feedback we got from our demo, the team got together and held a 2~ hour long design meeting, to rework our USP’s, and to get us thinking about how we want this game to pivot in order to become the interesting and fresh idea that we all have in our heads.

The first solution: resolve what this trail that the slime leaves behind itself is supposed to do. This was a rough one to go over right off the bat, as the team all felt that adding positive backtracking to a platformer is something that nobody has really done before. Unfortunately, having this trail be a permanent thing that the player leaves behind ended up being incredibly detrimental to our level design. How were we supposed to incorporate backtracking into every single level? So we are testing ideas out this week to see how we can turn this trail into a mechanic that the player can control, and seeing what we can do with that.

The second solution; and probably biggest problem we were struggling with, was how we are going to make gameplay and level design feel interesting and match thematically with Slime. We decided to try and move away from these set spots that are textured differently, and make it more up to the player to decide which locations are ‘bouncy’ or ‘sticky’. To explain in more detail, imagine the slime that you are playing as can change colors, and when it changes to, say, the color red; it can shoot out slime from its self. Sort of like how Mario shoots water from the F.L.U.D.D. or how a character shoots paint in Splatoon. And this slime that we are secreting stays on the map, with this red hue. This red slime will have a bouncy interaction to it. Therefore, the player can then use their own life-source (Slime) to spit out bouncy slime, and progress through the level. We think this is a much more thematic and fun way to handle progressing through a level, and will give more details in our following posts!

These are just two of the many solutions we came up with during this 2 hour meeting, and we are looking forward to testing out all of these intriguing ideas over the next week!


This next week will be full of trying new things and testing them quickly in order to create a more interesting and thematically intriguing game! I hope that you all will continue to be as excited as we are moving forward with this project, and we will see you all next week with another blog post!


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