Blog Post #12: Art & Slime World

Hello everyone,
   I am Yincheng, one of new members of slime and I am glad to talk about how things going on since the last post. This week we discussed building a slime world and also the art direction. We are working on a new cartoony style for textures to replace the textures in our demo. These are samples we created:


For the slime world, we have discussed the themes and progressions of different levels. Also, we are designing the way to gain abilities through the exploration of the world.
With regards to brand new mechanics ‘slime gun,’ last week we presented our second demo and we received some feedback. In this demo, the pacing slowed a little bit to fit the ‘shooting slimes’ idea. Totally altering to multi-objective puzzle solving is good so we will continue work on the mechanics and begin to design the art and story.
At last,  here is our plan for next week: we are planning on the game art, story and structure of slime world. For the game art, we are going to design some grass textures and a Slime Grate. And some levels of volcano & grass world will also be done.

Thank you!

                                                                                                              ——Yincheng Qiu
Artist & Designer of Slime

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