Blog Post #7: GDC Stasis

What Have We Been Up To

Welcome back to the SlimeBlog, the source of your weekly Slime Fix. While Alex, our programmer, is enjoying his time at the Game Developer’s Conference, the rest of us took this time to focus on our other college courses and finish midterms.

Although that time to focus was very much-needed, I feel as though I could have used any free time after studying to go out and get some people to playtest the game. That playtest results would give us a good head-start on the next sprint and tell us what direction to head in, in terms of the Slime Hook and the level Design.

What Is To Come

  • 2 more levels that introduce the Maximum friction terrain, which we have taken to calling “Rough”.
  • Art replacing the normal texture
  • A ring to signify the end goal

That’s all I have for this week, thanks for following the progress of Slime!

  -Dewayne White


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