Blog Post #11: Making the Switch

Welcome back, Slime People!

Over the past week, we’ve been making progress on our new method of letting the player access their abilities. Now, rather than seeing a bouncy texture and knowing they need to bounce, or a sticky wall and knowing it’s time to climb the wall, the player sees a wall they can’t jump over, and it’s up to them how they solve the problem.


Pasted image at 2017_04_14 05_45 PM

By spitting out slime of the type you want to create that surface in the world. We were struggling to figure out what scenario a slime would find itself where a pool of lava was perfectly coexisting next to a sheet of ice, or next to a trampoline or super springy mushroom. Our goal is to unify the themes of the levels while still incorporating the environmental features that built the platforming elements of Slime.

This week, we’re gearing up for another demo and getting the game ready to show off for that. We’re figuring out how to best use our new mechanic and get Slime rolling again! We still need to answer the question of how we make nonlinear levels and incorporate our slime trail and backtracking in a positive, engaging way. It’s a work in progress, but I’m confident that we can do it.

-Nicholas Navarro

Producer of Slime


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